Author Guidelines


The Journal of Emerging Business Management and Entrepreneurship Studies (JEBMES) is an academic journal published twice a year (April and October) by the Research Center and Case Clearing House (RC-CCH) Sekolah Tinggi Manajemen PPM. JEBMES has obtained the ISSN so that it can be recognized in the credit score assessment.

JEBMES is published to disseminate information on management research results and business thought reviews to academics, practitioners, students, and others interested in management and business research. The research results' scope in the JEBMES includes entrepreneurship, business and accounting. This journal accepts articles in Indonesian or English.

The author must certify that the article submitted to JEBMES has not been published in another journal. Each accepted article will go through a blind review process by one member of the JEBMES editorial board and one reviewer partner. The criteria considered in the review include:

  1. Fulfilling the standard requirements for journal publications.
  2. The research methodology used.
  3. The benefits of research results on management development and business practices in Indonesia.


1. Article writing format:

  • Abstract :

    This section contains a brief description of the reason for the research, the approach or method used, important results, and policy implications in English and Indonesian. As much as possible, do not insert formulas and references. The abstract should be no more than 200 words using single-spaced Times New Roman font, size of 10pt (italic), and easily understood by all parties. Keywords are italicized and 11 pt size.

  • Introduction:

    This section describes the arguments on why the submitted article contains an interesting research and why it is important to be conducted. To answer that, the introduction should contain the background, state of the art of the research that was previously conducted in the same topic and gap analysis to show where the research contributions were made to the development of the topic discourse (novelty). The Introduction section concludes the objectives of the research to be achieved. The introduction is expected to describe a theoretical framework based on a literature review, which is the logical basis for developing hypotheses or research proportions and research models.

  • Research Methods:

    Describe methods of data selection and collection, measurement and operational definition of variables, and methods of data analysis.

  • Result and Discussions:

    It contains an explanation of research data analysis and a description of the required statistics, and discussion of findings.

  • Conclusions and Recommendation:

    Contains the research conclusions, explains the implications of the findings and limitations of the research, and, if necessary, suggestions made by the researcher for future research.

  • References:

    Include sources cited in the writing of the manuscript. Only the sources referred to are included in this reference list. The bibliography is written using the APA Style format, using the Mendeley application

2. Manuscripts in softcopy are typed in Word, two columns, with two-line spacings;

3. The article's title is written in Times New Roman 12 pt in capital letters and in bold.

4. The author's identity is accompanied by order of author affiliation and email address. The author's identity is written in Times New Roman font size 11 pt, and the email address is italicized with font size 11 pt.

5. Article length between 15 to 20 pages (with 11 pt Times New Roman font ).

6. Top, bottom, left, and right margins of at least 1 inch.

7. All pages must be numbered sequentially.

8. The tables and/or figures presented are part of the body of the article. The table title is above the table, while the image title is below the figure. Write the title in sentence form (only the letters at the beginning of the sentence are capital letters.

9. Each table or figure is numbered sequentially, and the title corresponds to the contents of the table or figure and the source of the citation (if relevant). The serial number of the table and the title of the table are written in Times New Roman, size 11 pt. The table is written in Times New Roman with a size of 10 pt.

10. Articles submitted in softcopy (in the form of a CD or via email)

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